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What Happened to the Email Campaigns

In a previous incarnation, we ran 'Email Campaigns', pre-formatted emails that we would deliver to defined recipients about specific issues. This feature will be coming back in a future release of the app.

Why don't you use a web form anymore

Former version(s) of used webforms to deliver your emails. However, with all these emails coming from the server, coupled with there being a huge volume of emails, Oireachtas servers sometimes sent them to quarantine (spam folder) and left it up to individual TDs to check their quarantine folders. This new version opens whatever your default email client is (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc) and uses that, so all emails will be sent from your account and not from our servers, meaning you can now fully circumvent the Oireachtas quarantine folders (unless you have already been flagged as a spammer!)

My email client won't let me send that many emails in one go

Sorry, there is nothing we can do about that. We either set up webforms and take responsibility for delivering all the emails and run the risk of some ending up in spam folders, or we put the responsibility on your email client to deliver them to try to maximise delivery. If you'd like to send them in smaller bunches, here's a list of all the email addresses we have:

Who gets a copy of each email?

An email is sent from your email client to each recipient (e.g. all Galway East TDs, All Fianna Fail TDs, etc). A further email sent via bcc is sent to so we can ensure our service is not being abused. We use bcc so we cannot get a copy of any replies to your email. Replies are between you and the intended recipients.

What cookies do you store on this site?

We value your privacy. So much so that we do not use any cookies on this site whatsoever.

I'd like to create a copy of this site for another purpose/juristiction. Can I?

Please do. The source code is available on GitHub under a very permissive licence (GNU General Public License v3.0). Just be aware that we have also added one small extra clause to the licence which you must follow.