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We're back - well, nearly. We're on the way.

How we got here:

Contact.ie was a victim of its own success.

One issue we had with contact.ie was that our service (and especially our email campaigns) was extremely popular. However, if 1,000 people sent an email campaign email to 200+ recipients (165 TDs & 80+ senators), it resulted in over a quarter of a million emails being sent from our servers. 250,000 emails that are almost identical start looking like spam after a while - even though each is sent from a different, concerned individual's account.

As we got more and more popular, this became more and more evident. So we needed to solve the issue. One way of doing this would be to pay for specialist services to verify our emails as not being spam. This would need at least €500 a month (conservative estimate) and going up as we get more and more popular. Tricky when our last fundraising drive only raised about €300 of the €1,000 we aimed for.

So, how do we get out of this fix?

Basically, we are going to build an app for a phone/tablet. When you click any link for parties/constituences it'll open up your default mail client and email every one from that party/constituency.

This means the emails come from individual email accounts, not from our servers, so will not be marked as spam or quarantined - unless you personally are already marked as a spammer (nothing we can do about that).

It also means we can set up notificiations, so everyone who has the app can be sent a message anytime we run a campaign, or if we think we should remind them to email about something (anything important in the news this week?).

What's Next?

We need more time to continue working on our proof-of-concept for the app. It's very close at the moment.

After that, it's back to the old story of funding - we are going to need about €500 this year to pay for the hosting of the app. If we receive that, we'll go live with it.

- Regards,
The Contact.ie Team